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Combined Solar Thermal and PV Panels

Collins Plumbing and Gas Ltd are proud to be able to provide a unique combined solar thermal and photovoltaic panels.

Photovoltaic panels, (PV panels), are semi-conductors and operate in a paradox. They need sunlight to generate electricity but suffer degradation in performance as they get hotter.
Unfortunately the fact is the hotter they get the slower their performance.

A typical PV panel on bright sunny day will reach temperatures in excess of 110 degrees Celsius! This can reduce efficiency by as much as 43% on a hot day or 0.5% for every 1 degree temperature rise.

Standard PV panels typically only convert 10-15% of solar radiation into electricity and the rest is dissipated as waste heat.

We now have new generation of panel that takes hot water and electrical generation to a whole new level, giving you two panels in one.

The Photovoltaic-Thermal Generates both electricity and usable thermal heat at the same time form one panel!

These systems combine a photovoltaic cell, which converts electromagnetic radiation (photons into electricity, with a solar thermal collector, which captures the remaining energy and removes waste heat from the PV module.

Photovoltaic (PV) cells suffer from drop in efficiency with the rise in temperature due to increased resistance. Such systems can be engineered to carry het away from the PV cells thereby cooling the cells and thus improving their efficiency by lowering resistance.

In the PV-T system by cooing the PV cells electrical generation is increased and the waste heat is captured for utilization in the building, thus maximizing the return from the available solar radiation.

The electricity flows into an inverter for use in the building or export to the grid as per a standard PV configuration. The temperature is regulated via a control sensor and the coolant is transferred using a pump to a heat exchanger which heats water in a storage tanks for u se in the DHW and heating systems.
  • Dual solar collection i.e. 2 usable energy outputs with one collections system.
  • Improved PV generation, up to 50% more electricity than an equivalent conventional PV system with the same peak output.
  • Lower installation cost than an equivalent performance system comprised of a separate Solar PV and Solar thermal system.
  • Reduced roof space required than equivalent systems that would comprise of a separate Solar PV and Solar thermal system


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